The designer - Katerina Tsakou, Atelier, Clothing Workshop, Wedding Dresses

The designer

Katerina Tsakou was born and raised in Piraeus. She studied fashion design at the ZER-FAM school, where she graduated with honors. Even before completing her studies and finishing her second year of school, she started sewing seminars in a bridal atelier, where she stayed for almost 3 years. At the end of the year of studies, one of the most renowned designers, Mrs. Elena Papanikolaou with her cloakroom "King's Clothes" took her on board, where she started dynamically to realize her dream in the field of fashion and design, giving her experience and knowledge.

Since 2015 she has specialized in sewing to the measurements of any body and meeting every need of the client with faith, imagination and respect.

A sample of her work is the well-known nightclub Parfait, where she has created a large part of the costumes from 2022 to the present day.

As well as the design and construction part of the TV shows::

  • Your face sounds familiar 2020/2021
  • Dancing with the stars 2021 έως 2022
  • X.Factor 2022

Her love and appetite for the fashion industry led her to create her own Atelier in 2023, where she exhibits her unique creations.


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